5 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Car

While cars have been around for decades, studies show that both new and experienced car owners make plenty of mistakes that risk putting their vehicles into an early grave. Here are some of the most common ways in which you might be hurting your car as given by Benz repair shops owners:

You don’t properly inflate the car

Car wheels are the ones carrying you; therefore, when they aren’t properly inflated, you will be destroying your car. When you don’t put enough air in the wheels, you tend to consume a lot of fuel. The tires also tend to wear out fast. This leads to wheel alignment issues.

Most people think that the car is bound to experience tire problems when they don’t inflate it enough. Studies show that when you over-inflate the tires, you risk it bursting. You are also bound to experience a rough ride, less traction, and uneven tread wear.

Do you want to enjoy your ride and the tires last for a long time? Inflate them the right pressure. Inspect the tire pressure at least once a week and ensure that the pressure is within the recommended level.

You don’t use the parking brake

With the coming of the automatic cars, people have the notion they don’t need to use the parking brake. This isn’t the case. When you put the car in park, you engage the parking pawl, which is a small metal pin that disengages the transmission output.

While the pin does its work, when you park the car on an incline, you tend to put a lot of weight on the metal pin which wears out the pawl fast.

For you to lengthen the life of the pawl, make use of the parking brake. When you use the brake, you ease the pressure from the pin and at the same time, increase the life of the pawl.

You wait for too long to hit the brakes

If you are like other car owners, you hit the brakes a few seconds before you stop, right? This is wrong. This is because it has been shown to lead to failure of pads, calipers, rotors, and other parts of the car.

For you to be safe and at the same time ensure that the car parts last for a long time, you should always plan your braking ahead of time. Mechanics working at BMW mechanic shops recommend that you make use of the coating technique.

Here, you keep your feet on and off the brake pedal in two-second increments. This is to prevent damaging your brakes. Doing so also keeps you and your passengers safe.

You swift into drive while the car is rolling backward

I’m also guilty of this, especially when I’m in a hurry. I will put the car into reverse and before it can stop, I will engage the drive gear. While this might save you a few seconds, it usually leads to a lot of damage to the car’s transmission system, which as you know is one of the most expensive parts to repair.

How can you keep your car in top condition even when you are in a hurry? Before you swift the car to drive, let the car come to a complete stop. This way, you not only save money you would have spent fixing the transmission system, you also avoid the inconvenience that comes with having your car stuck at the car repair shop for weeks.

You keep the tank empty all the time

Times are hard and fuel prices are always souring, but you shouldn’t keep your tank empty all the time. Mechanics observe that keeping the tank empty damages the fuel pump. This is an electric tool that is meant to stay immersed in the car’s fuel.

When the fuel is too low, the fuel pump is exposed and it often starts overheating. When you refill the tank, the pump cools down. The heating and cooling cycles lead to damage to the pump.

Experts working at Porsche mechanic shops Alexandria VA advice that you ensure that the fuel is always at least an eight of the tank. When it gets lower than this, refill it.


Tips On How To Have A Perfect Lawn

When you look at a beautiful lawn, what do you think about it? Do you think it’s challenging to maintain it? While it requires some work, it’s not all that challenging to keep an awesome looking lawn. To help you out, here are some of the things you can do to keep your lawn in top shape:

Repair the lawn

It’s common for the lawn to develop patches every now and then. A lawn with patches isn’t beautiful to look at, is it? For your lawn to look great you need to get rid of the patches. The best way of doing it is raking out the dead patches and breaking up the soil surface.

You should then apply the lawn preparation mix over the lawn and firm it down with the head of the rake. You can also stamp it down. You should then sow the grass according to the instructions given on the pack. When sowing, ensure that the seed is in contact with the lawn preparation mix.

You should water the lawn regularly and in no time you will be able to enjoy a patch-free and healthy green lawn.

Patches on the lawn come about due to many reasons. If the patches on your lawn are due to dog’s urine, add vinegar to your dog’s water. This is to neutralize it thus preventing it from burning the lawn.

Water the lawn properly

This is an obvious one. For you to keep the grass green you should water it regularly. The frequency at which you need to water the grass depends on the type of soil and climatic conditions. When watering it, ensure that you water it in the evening. This is to give the grass enough time to take in the water.

Watering in the evening also prevents the water from evaporating due to the strong sun rays.

Mow the lawn properly

Mowing the lawn is an important part of lawn maintenance. For you to have an easy time mowing the lawn, use a high-quality mowing machine with properly maintained and sharp blades.

When mowing, remember to take good care of your hearing. You can do this by wearing the right hearing protection for lawn mowing. There are plenty of these hearing protectors such as radio headphones for lawn mowing and many others. it’s up to you to choose the ones that are ideal for you.

Keep the lawn well nourished

A properly nourished lawn is able to easily keep off weeds, pests, diseases, and insects. One of the best ways of keeping the lawn nourished is using fertilizers. The fertilizers encourage lush, thick, and green growth of the lawn thus you have a beautiful lawn.

You should be cautious of the fertilizer that you apply on the lawn as different soils require different types of fertilizers. Before you head to the stores to buy the fertilizers, first take your soil to an expert who will do tests on it and recommend the best fertilizer for the lacking nutrient.

Battle weeds

It’s common for weeds to grow on the lawn. There is no way your lawn will look good if there are weeds all over it. The cool thing is that you can get rid of most of the weeds using mechanical means.

If there are smaller weeds on the lawn, remove them using a manual scarifier. Are there daisies and dandelions on the lawn? Remove them using a root weeder. When doing it, ensure that you remove as much of the root as possible. This is to ensure that the weed doesn’t grow back.

If the weeds have grown to the extent that they have overcome the grass, you should consider re-structuring the entire soil and cover it with a rolled turf.

Scarify and aerate the soil

For the grassroots to breath and grow they need air. One of the most effective ways of airing the lawn is using a simple digging fork to stamp holes into the lawn, then fill them with coarse sand. When you do this you allow water from the surface to flow away.

Doing this has also been shown to provide the grassroots with oxygen. For you to clear away dead roots and other debris, consider scarifying the lawn. By doing this you provide more breathing space for the lower parts of the grass. It also helps the stems to grow better.